About surf camps

About surf camps

This is what you should know about surf camps…

Which equipment do I need for surfing?

For wave surfing you only need a surf board and wetsuit. As the ocean warms up slower than sea, most of the time you`ll need to use a wetsuit. You will learn how to surf on longer surfboards with a larger volume, and later you can move on to shorter and more responsive boards. An integral part of the surfboard is leash, which connects surfboard with the surfers ankle and it ensures that your deck will stay somewhere near around you during falls.

What is the temperature on offered destinations?

Depending on the season, the ocean temperatures in these destinations are often below 20°C and it is therefore necessary to wear wetsuit. In the summer wetsuit is not necessary on the Canary Islands. You can surf everywhere during the winter with a wetsuit, because the temperature of the ocean does not fall below 15°C. The warmest destination are Canaries, where ocean temperature ranges between 22 and 24 ° C in the summer.

Approx. temperatures. in °C
PORTUGAL: Spring:15-17 Summer:17-20 Fall:16-18 Winter:13-15
CANARIES: Spring:19-20 Summer:22-24 Fall:20-22 Winter:18-19

What is the usual air temperature?

Air temperatures during the season are almost always from 20 ° C and above. In the warmer months of the year temperatures are mostly around 30 ° C.

How big are the waves on the offered destinations?

On both destinations there are beginner spots where you can safely learn to surf on small waves (approximately 0.5 to 1.5 m), and in the case of bigger swell, beginners can always learn to surf on the broken waves near the coast.

What kind of clothes should I take?

In most cases, through the day you will only need t-shirts and shorts. But during the night temperatures can drop, so bring some hoodies and pants, and in case of the rain some waterproof jacket could be useful.

Do I need to take travel insurance?

You are required to take proper travel insurance to cover all possible costs due to injuries or illness so you`ll be able to surf without any worries. We are going to insure all participants, but that is extra cost and it is not calculated in arrangement price.

Do I need to be vaccinated against certain infectious diseases?

Vaccination against infectious diseases is not necessary.

Is food included in this price?

This depends from destination and dates, so you`ll find informations for particular destination in travel terms.

Is tap water drinkable?

For all destinations you are advised not to drink tap water.

Transportation of surf boards in a plane?

You need to calculate extra costs when you fly with your surfboards, because airline carriers are charging extra fees for excess or owerwight baggage. These costs can range on average from 80 to 100E per flight with standard carriers (one way), while the low cost carriers usually have slightly cheaper rates. For example, for transportation of the surfboards on the easyJet flight (one way) you need to pay €40 and €50 with Ryanair. When your journey consists of several flights, sometimes it is better to rent a board at your final destination.

Can minors participate in a surf camp?

Minors may participate in surf camps accompanied by an adult and with a signed parental permission. Minors unfortunately can not participate at Morocco surf camp.

Is there any danger of shark attacks?

Shortly said, according to scientific statistics there is greater chance that you will be attacked by shark in Croatia in the Adriatic sea (and that chance is negligible), than in any of destinations where we surf. According to the American ISAF (International Shark Attack File) there are no reported unprovoked shark attacks in Portugal from 1847 (from when these data are collected and recorded). In the Canary Islands during this time there was recorded only one attack, so you really don`t have to worry about sharks when surfing (maps and data for Portugal and Canary islands).

Are there any other dangers in the ocean?

There are no any other known danger marine animals and plants or infections and similar problems.


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