About us

About us

First Kohola surf camp was held in the early 2010. in Portugal and it was the effort of enthusiasts from Kohola surf club from Croatia, which was country’s first sports club dedicated to surfing. Kohola was founded with a desire to finally popularise this great sport in the country and the region, because we wanted to clarify to everybody that you don`t need to travel to far exotic beaches in California, Hawaii or Bali to find a good surf. Practising this sport is much easier than it looks at a first glance. Soon surf camps grew up beyond the borders and now we are offering great surfing experience to anybody who would like to learn to surf or to improve his surfing skills and at the same time have fun with the rest of the people from the surf house.

Our surf story began in 2007. when we went surfing in Portugal for the first time and we instantly fell in love with this sport. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling of riding a wave just with words, and for this reason it is best to experience it for yourselves. The moment when you use the energy of the ocean, step on board and stand up on a wave at full speed with the foam spraying all around you, you will jump irreversibly into the exciting world of surfing. Since our first surfing trip in Peniche we have been returning there for several times each year. In constant search of the waves, we also travelled to France, Spain, Morocco and the Canary Islands. Beside that, small dedicated surf community is still regularly surfing in Medulin, Croatia and the surrounding spots when there are strong southern winds blowing and creating wind swell waves, maybe not ideal, but certainly very entertaining.

Our mission is to offer you the best possible surf experience, and that is why our surf camp hosts smaller groups with personal approach and custom touch. Every week in the camp is the story for itself and neither one is the same, which depends on our guests and their wishes. In addition to surfing, if you want to meet a culture of particular country, we’ll take you to the most interesting places nearby and offer you a wide selection of additional activities. Everything else depends on you – just contact us and learn to surf in our surf school, fall in love with this addictive sport, enjoy the surfer’s life on the beach and discover the beauties of these wonderful countries.

And finally, do not forget: “You can`t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

See you on the waves!



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