8 reasons for surf holidays on Fuerteventura


Although it is the second largest island in the Canary archipelago after Tenerife, Fuerteventura avoided the mass tourism trend which has affected its more famous neighbours, so it is still jealously hiding all its beauty. The island has similarities with neighbouring Morocco, which is located just 100 kilometers to the east, and it is characterized by a perfect beaches, sand dunes, which are deposited by the wind from the nearby Sahara desert, and a large number of ancient extinct volcanoes. In recent years, surfers have recognized the quality of the waves on Fuerteventura, and here are eight other reasons why you’ll want to visit the island except for the quality of surfing and the waves:

1. Pleasant climate throughout the year
Canary Islands are the closest place to Europe with year-round warm climate. The average temperature here does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius, and in addition to that Fuerteventura has an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year with just a few rainy days. If you would compare Fuerteventura with a similar example in the world, it would have the closest climate to the conditions in Florida, with which it shares the same geographic latitude.


2. Perfect sandy beaches
If you are interested into long pristine sandy beaches, you are on the right place. On the island you’ll find about 150 sandy beaches, from those with a bright sand in the nature park near Corralejo and golden beaches near El Cotillo to the beaches with black sand on the west side of the island. In short, Fuerteventura has the longest and most varied sand beaches of all the Canary Islands, and with crystal clear turquoise color of the ocean you’ll surely find your ideal beach of your dreams without a problem.


3. Paradise for water sports
The combination of climate and good wind and waves conditions led to the fact that the island is visited by a large number of those who are engaged different water sports and activities. Everybody who want an active holiday can practice surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, diving, rowing, kayaking and similar water sports. Various volcanoes and mountain ranges in the central part of the island are also an ideal place for bikers, trekkers and mountaineers.


4. Low costs of living
Although at first glance it may not seem so, all the basic costs of life on the island are pretty cheap. From accommodation, through cheap food in shops, acceptable prices in the restaurants and bars and gasoline below one euro, prices pleasantly surprise all the time. For week holidays with included accommodation, flight and all travel expenses, food and a week of surfing school, budget of around 600-700€ is sufficient.


5. Proximity and good connections with the Europe
From all major European cities flights take only 3 to 4 hours. It makes island suitable even for few days long quick getaways. Fuerteventura definitely earned its place on the top of closest destinations outside the continent with a warm climate all year round.


6. Carnivals, festivals and concerts
Various events are held on the island throughout the year, and the most interesting period in Corralejo is during the carnival in March, which will be held this year from 13th to 22nd of March with theme of Arabian nights. The locals are preparing for the carnival during the whole year, and the culmination and probably the craziest night on the island beside the New Year’s Eve is the final parade of the carnival. In addition to the carnival, there are music festivals, Canary Surf Film Festival, as well as various local fiestas which are an ideal way to adapt into local atmosphere and way of entertainment.


7. Natural and cultural monuments
When you’re already on the island, you’ll probably want to explore it and get to know it better. If you decide to find out more about Fuerte, reward comes in the form of picturesque fishing villages, lighthouses and volcanoes. You can find the oldest settlement in the Canary Islands which is situated deep in the mountains, hidden from the eyes of pirates, remote canyons with palm trees and viewpoints which will leave you breathless.


8. Delicious food and a good selection of restaurants and bars
A variety of restaurants, clubs and bars in Corralejo, will certainly not disappoint you. Regarding food, on the menu you’ll find a large selection of local seafood specialties which are caught daily fresh from the ocean. There are also a variety of international dishes originally from England, Asia, South America and Asia in the fusion restaurants such as steaks, wraps and various Asian specialties. From authentic local food, we suggest you to try the delicious Spanish tapas, Canarian potatoes “Papas arrugadas” with red and green mojo sauce and the world-famous cheese from Canary goats. After a nice dinner, we recommend you to proceed into the night with Canarian rum with honey or some nice cocktail in the local bars and clubs.

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