Autumn on Fuerteventura by Tunana Fishing


Our old friends from Tunana Fishing visited us this year again on Fuerteventura and filmed a short video which shows how they spent their time surfing and chilling during their stay on the island.

We’ve talked briefly with Marko Pavlović who filmed this video, so you can read the story behind the video and his views on surfing, and then you can check below what is it all about:

“The video was filmed on Fuerteventura in the period from mid November to mid December. Shots from the water are filmed with GoPro, and shots out of the water with my mobile phone (Xperia Z1). I just started to record all kind of usual things happening around to send updates to my friends so they can see what’s going on here, but in the end I decided to combine them in this video.”

When we asked him where he got the idea to try surfing and why this sport attracted him, Marko says:

“I liked this surfing lifestyle since the high school and I knew that my dream will come true as soon as possible when I grab the first opportunity to try surfing. I caught first whitewater waves during my 10 day stay in Peniche, Portugal in 2012. with Kohola surf camps. Surfing attracted me initially because it was connected with the ocean, but after I’ve tried it, I realised that you need to be in a good physical and psychological shape when you come to the point to surf in serious conditions. Simply, it is a sport where you are on your own, you can not win or lose, you just surf and enjoy it …Now it is clear that after you start, there is no more way back.”

Since he is progressing fast and is getting better day by day, Marko explained that he was previously involved with other sports, and he also told us what are his plans for surfing in the future:

“I’ve played football until a few years ago, and now I mainly try to maintain my physical condition in order to be ready for surfing every time I stumble upon a chance to surf. I was already two times in Portugal and on Fuerteventura, and I am lucky to have a chance to surf back home in Croatia for 10 to 15 days per year, when weather conditions allow that. As one of my future destinations I plan to go to Bali and surrounding islands in the area where I hope to stay for at least a month.”

At the end, his advice for new surfers who are trying to stand up on their boards for the first time is not to be discouraged at the beginning, and to appreciate surfing later when they progress and enjoy each wave and every second spent in the ocean.

Fuerteventura November 2015. filmed by Marko Pavlović (edited by Ivana Vareško):

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