Autumn surf camps in Portugal and on Fuerteventura


If you want to spend your autumn on the ocean learning to surf or improving your surfing skills, here is an overview of available spots in the surf camp in Portugal and on Fuerteventura, all at one place. Beside surfing, you can enjoy in relaxation on long sandy beaches, as well as in hanging out and having fun with the rest of the guests from the surf camp. Catching waves and enjoying beach lifestyle with the rest of the surfers from various countries sounds like a good plan, but if you ask yourself how to catch cheapest flight tickets or which weeks to choose, in this post we’ll help you and explain how to join us this autumn.

The prices of airline tickets from the most common cities will be renewed on a weekly basis, as well as the number of available spots in the surf houses. Some of the weeks are already fully booked (double rooms are booked especially quickly, almost half of the weeks are already full), and if you want to secure your place in the weeks in which we currently only have a few spots left, it is best to contact us as soon as possible to book your place in the surf house on time.

Suggested weeks and free spots for SURF CAMP FUERTEVENTURA:

T1: 10th – 17th of October –WEEK FULLY BOOKED

T2: 17th – 24th of October – WEEK FULLY BOOKED

T3: 24th – 31st of October – 7 places available

T4: 31st of October – 7th of November – 6 places available

T5: 7th – 14th of November – 6 places available

T6: 14th – 21st of November – 9 places available

T7: 21st – 28th of November – 7 places available

T8: 28th of November – 5th of December – 8 places available

T9: 5th – 12th of December – 10 places available

Suggested weeks and free spots for SURF CAMP PORTUGAL:

T1: 11th – 18th of October – 8 places available in the surf house

T2: 18th – 25th of October – 1 place available

T3: 25th of October – 1st of November – 5 places available

There are numerous cheap flight options from all major European cities to Fuerteventura, and flight time in most cases lasts for 3-4 hours, so it is perfect destination for your quick getaway.

Flight tickets for OCTOBER weeks to FUERTEVENTURA from:

GERMANY: Frankfurt from 163€, Dusseldorf from 176€, Stuttgart from 185€, Hamburg from 271€, Munich from 288€, Berlin from 312€;

AUSTRIA: Vienna from 316€;

SWITZERLAND: Zurich from 231€, Geneva from 233€, Basel from 241€;

UK: London from 179€, Edinburgh from 222€, Manchester from 227€;

ITALY: Pisa from 153€, Milano from 179€, Rome from 304€;

FRANCE: Paris from 208€;

NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam from 189€;

BELGIUM: Brussels from 130€;

POLAND: Warsaw from 183€;

CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague from 275€;

Also you can find various flight options to Portugal, with majority of the companies flying to Lisbon from which our surf camp in Peniche is situated just one hour of driving to the north.

Flight tickets for OCTOBER weeks to PORTUGAL (LISBON) from:

GERMANY: Hamburg from 77€,  Frankfurt from 84€, Dusseldorf from 85€, Munich from 160€, Berlin from 161€;

AUSTRIA: Vienna from 178€, Graz from 228€;

SWITZERLAND: Geneva from 55€, Basel from 118€, Zurich from 178€;

UK: London from 55€, Manchester from 62€, Liverpool from 82€, Bristol from 104€ Edinburgh from 156€;

ITALY: Milan from 50€, Rome from 62€, Pisa from 71€, Venice from 114€;

FRANCE: Paris from 50€, Nice from 53€, Bordeaux form 57€, Marseille from 62€;

NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam from 95€;

BELGIUM: Brussels from 55€;

POLAND: Warsaw from 118€;

CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague from 158€;

*All prices are for RETURN flights. Prices and available spots are updated on 1st of August.

So, don’t waste your time and find your flight on Skyscanner, contact us and reserve your place in the surf camp here. If you need any additional information about flights from your country or about the surf camps, you can write us on or contact us through the contact form. See you on the waves this autumn!

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