Nazare big wave surfing


Nazaré is a small fishing town located in the central region of Portugal, just 50 kilometers north of Peniche where KoHoLa surf camp Portugal is held for years. Word has spread about it at the global level when Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara appeared at Praia do Norte in the winter of 2012. and surfed there the biggest wave in the history. The news about a new record quickly spread through the surf scene, but it was also covered on the world’s major media channels such as CNN, BBC and others. As wider audience had heard about this, a large number of viewers soon began to gather on the beach on every occasion when the surf spot was working and waves were large enough for big wave surfers to swim into the ocean. Usually, such conditions occur in less accessible areas where the waves often break far from the coast, but Nazare is a rare phenomenon due to the underwater canyon that extends all the way to the beach and waves of over 20 meters are breaking near just by the coast and the nearby lighthouse. Live experience of such power of the ocean is unforgettable, no difference whether you have ever stood on the surf board or not.

Neither this season size of the winter waves in Nazaré was smaller, and the team from Husky Motion Productions perfectly recorded and presented this beauties of the Atlantic ocean. During just a few days in December they caught this attractive big wave scenes from Nazaré where Garret McNamara surfed the spot and perfect Supertubos tubes ridden by Nic Von Rupp and mixed them in this short video named “Colors of Winter”.

Colors Of Winter from Max Larsson on Vimeo.

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