8 reasons for surfing in Portugal

Portuguese history was marked by maritime discoveries. Numerous expeditions have increased the influence of the country and had an essential role in the creation of world’s maps. Traditional close connection with the sea has helped them in the economic development and progress, so many have already heard about the various beauties of this land and the hospitality […]


Autumn surf camps in Portugal and on Fuerteventura

If you want to spend your autumn on the ocean learning to surf or improving your surfing skills, here is an overview of available spots in the surf camp in Portugal and on Fuerteventura, all at one place. Beside surfing, you can enjoy in relaxation on long sandy beaches, as well as in hanging out and having […]


8 reasons for surf holidays on Fuerteventura

Although it is the second largest island in the Canary archipelago after Tenerife, Fuerteventura avoided the mass tourism trend which has affected its more famous neighbours, so it is still jealously hiding all its beauty. The island has similarities with neighbouring Morocco, which is located just 100 kilometers to the east, and it is characterized […]

Spring surf camp Fuerteventura

Spring surf camp Fuerteventura

If you’re interested into spring surf camp on Fuerteventura and you plan to join us on this warm and sunny island and learn to surf with us, here we present you an overview of available capacities in the surf house on one place. Beside surfing, you will enjoy in relaxation on the long sandy beaches […]


Nazare big wave surfing

Nazaré is a small fishing town located in the central region of Portugal, just 50 kilometers north of Peniche where KoHoLa surf camp Portugal is held for years. Word has spread about it at the global level when Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara appeared at Praia do Norte in the winter of 2012. and surfed there the […]


Magical October in Peniche

All visitors of Peniche had the opportunity to enjoy a few unforgettable days with excellent conditions for surfing during this October, which coincided with the time in which Moche Rip Curl Pro was held, penultimate stop of World Championship Tour. World’s best surfers gathered in the city and most of them took the opportunity for […]


Seeking KoHoLa crew 2014.

We have a good news for all of those who would like to spend more time around the ocean and surfing in 2014., while being part of KoHoLa surf team and help us in the realisation of surf camps. If you have already surfed with us or you’re constantly dreaming waves and you’re ready to […]


Our surf story

  Last spring we had some unexpected guests on Fuerteventura. Burn energy drink crew arrived to the house to film a commercial about their new drink Burn Blue, as well as a short video clip which contains the story about KoHoLa. You can see the video here: If you want to know more about the […]