Spring surf camp Fuerteventura

Spring surf camp Fuerteventura

If you’re interested into spring surf camp on Fuerteventura and you plan to join us on this warm and sunny island and learn to surf with us, here we present you an overview of available capacities in the surf house on one place. Beside surfing, you will enjoy in relaxation on the long sandy beaches of Fuerteventura, which is also known as the island of eternal spring, as well as in hanging out and having fun with the rest of the guests from the surf camp.

There are numerous cheap flight options from all major European cities to Fuerteventura, and flight time in most cases lasts for 3-4 hours, so it is perfect destination for your quick getaway.


T1: 7th – 14th of March – 6 places available in the house

T2: 14th – 21st of March – 7 places available

T3: 21st – 28th of March – 7 places available

T4: 28th of March – 4th of April – 8 places available

T5: 4th – 11th of April – 7 places available

T6: 11th – 18th of April – 5 places available

T7: 18th – 25 of April – 7 places available

T8: 25th of April – 2nd of May – 2 places available

T9: 2nd – 9th of May – 8 places available

Find your flight on Skyscanner or Momondo, reserve your place in the surf camp here, and if you need any additional information about flights or surf camp, you can write us on info@koholasurf.com or contact us through contact form. See you on the waves!

Kohola surf Fuerteventura 2013. from Rene Gallo on Vimeo.

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