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2024. DATES: May 18th – June 29th | Sept. 7th – Oct. 19th 2024.

It is well known fact that Peniche peninsula and it’s surroundings are the best stretch of the coast for surfing in Portugal, and also among the best on the entire Atlantic coast of Europe. Because of its location in the centre of Portugal, this small town is easily accessible, but its surroundings are still full of hidden places to relax on the unspoiled sandy beaches which are scattered all around it. After the morning adrenaline rush caused by catching some nice waves, sunset yoga and relaxation is something that should not be missed in the afternoon.

Yoga as an ancient science of healthy living perfectly fits into the surf lifestyle. As a special way of balancing the body, mind and emotion, it helps you with learning surfing as well as any other active sport. By exercising strength, flexibility, breathing, balance and their mutual combinations, you will progress faster in surfing and enjoy more when catching your first green waves.

For this reason, beside surf camp at Fuerteventura, from this spring you can also take part in our surf and yoga camp in Portugal. Surf&Yoga program will now be a permanent option at our surf camps in Portugal. If you want to reserve yoga classes, you can book them in advance when signing up for the surf camp, or you can decide and join us later after your arrival to Peniche.


What is the idea of Surf&Yoga Camp?

Yoga is held in a yoga centre next to the beautiful beach of Baleal, where surf school is also held. The Yoga centre is beside the coast, and wooden floors, ocean views and lots of natural light make it an amazing place to practice and relax. In Surf&Yoga weeks yoga will be joined with surf school to help you to take the first steps on the waves and allow you a better progress. The combination is conceived as a morning surf school with yoga sessions in the afternoon. Yoga classes take place in the afternoon after the surf school, and couple of hours of break.


For whom is Surf&Yoga Camp?

The Surf&Yoga Camp is intended for anyone who wants to complement surfing with additional activity and to improve breathing technique, flexibility and balance, which will also have a positive impact on surfing. More surfers are dealing with yoga every season, regardless of age and gender, due to its positive effects on the body. Everyone is welcome to join us, weather you are already yoga enthusiast or if you are a complete beginner.


What type of yoga will you practice?

Hatha – the most commonly practiced type of yoga that contributes to the balance of body and spirit. There are nearly 200 hatha yoga poses with hundreds of variations that stimulate circulation, spine flexibility, body stretching, and also stimulate balance and stability.
Ashtanga – is a sanskrit name for “8 branches or components”. It refers to 8 degrees of internal purification: Yama (ethics), Niyama (self-learning and discipline), Asan (attitude), Pranayama (breathing control), Pratyahara (sensory control), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), Samadhi (unity with the divine).
Yin – is a slower style of yoga, which retains a certain position for a longer time. For beginners it can be from 45 seconds to 2 minutes while more advanced students remain in a single position for 5 or more minutes.
Vinyasa – in translation it means breathing with movement. It is a dynamic, creative and challenging type of yoga.

What is included in the price and what kinds of arrangement we have?

  • 7 nights of accommodation in the surf house
  • 6 days of surf school held on english language (beginners, intermediate or advanced courses)
  • there are three options for yoga practice: 5, 3 or 1 session
  • transfer to the surf spots with surf van
  • complete equipment included (surf board, wetsuit, leash, booties if needed)
  • photos from surf school
  • free Wi-Fi in the surf house


Return flight from your city of residence is not included in price. There are numerous flight options to Lisbon with different airlines which you can find on Momondo flight search website. If you need any advice with searching or buying flight tickets, just send us email to, and we will be glad to help you and find the best option for you.


We have 12 recommended weeks of Surf&Yoga program in 2024., from 18th of May to 29th of June and from 7th of September to 21st of October. Arrivals and departures are on Saturdays and you can stay for 7 or more nights.


All package options include 7 nights in surf house, 6 morning surf sessions with instructor, all the necessary surf equipment, and differ in the number of afternoon surf sessions depending on how many yoga sessions will you chose (five, three or one yoga sessions in the afternoon). The price of Surf&Yoga Camp which includes five sessions of yoga is 552€, with three yoga sessions is 528€, with one yoga session is 504€. If you have any special wishes with different number of days in school or nights in the surf house, just send us inquiry for price calculation on We would recommend you to stay longer than one week in the camp for better improvement of your surfing skills.


  • transfer to/from the airport in Lisbon – 25-60€ per way per person
  • breakfast – 4€ per day
  • trip to medieval town Obidos – 15 € (min. 3 persons)
  • trip to Peniche and surroundings with a visit to the surfboard factory – 15 € (min. 3 persons)
  • trip to Buddha park, the biggest oriental park in Europe – 15€ (min. 3 persons)



For all further questions, please contact us on this link or:


Mobile: +385 99 751 0125


To book your stay at KoHoLa surf camp please fill out this booking form.

Once when your booking is completed, we will contact you with further instructions about downpayment and purchase of flight tickets. When booking, please write down email that you use the most often because most communications will take place by email. In the case of filling up of all capacities, a person who sent down payment first has a priority. Please don’t forget to read the General Terms & Conditions and specify whether you agree in your application.


The deadline for down payment for all weeks are 14 days before the beginning of your week. Until that date you need to pay a deposit in the amount of 150€.

For complete FAQ, follow this link. You can find more photos of surf house and photos from last surf camps in galleries on our Facebook page!


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