Marijana Pavlović

“… Sandy beaches, great people, waves, sun, adrenaline… Do you need anymething else to make you feel happy and fulfilled!?!”

Ivana Bajer

“… Surf – one of the most brilliant experiences in my life!! Such a great combination of freedom, power of ocean and waves…You feel so powerful when you manage to catch the wave and stand on your board. It’s like flying , and there is nothing on my mind, just ocean, waves, me and my […]

Ivan Ćatović

“Surf school on Canary islands is something I could only dream of, and even in my dreams it wouldn’t turn out so great as it was! Great team , only positive vibes and hype for surfing, and the organization was first class.”

Gaston Piljek

“If you haven’t tried surfing yet, it is time to try it out, because this is definitely an experience you will never forget!”

Oscar Piljek

“If you’re a fan of any adventure or even better adrenaline board adventure, you will not regret a single second because of decision to afford yourself this hilarious experience!”

Petar Turinski

“Unforgettable relaxation and great feeling! Excellent team, great accommodation on the beautiful island – charging my batteries to the maximum! I recommend this to everybody!”

Ines Volf

“Surfing with KoHoLa was ideal trip – a great combination of activities and relaxing, all with incredibly lot of laughing and fun. Mislav and Lea organized everything very well and our was just to enjoy in all of what they did. Can’t wait for next trip!”

Luka Prošić

“KoHoLa ​​surf camp finally gave me an answer how to actively and pleasurable spend vacation at the beach!”,

Hrvoje Gjurić, Zagreb

” You really must try this! For small amount of money you get trip to Portugal plus unforgettable time. Even if you are not sure at all whether surfing is going to be interesting to you or not, it is definitely worth to go and try surfing with KoHoLa!”