Why surfing?


Why you should try surfing…

  1. It is the most interesting water sport from which have developed all other board sports through the time.
  2. After many of surf trips along the Atlantic coast, we can tell you from our own experience that we have selected only the best European surf destination for you.
  3. Ideal sandy beaches that are tailored for beginner needs, as well as reef breaks with rocky bottom for those who already know the basics.
  4. Professional surf school with licensed instructors in a small groups which provides personal approach to every students.
  5. It doesn’t matter if you came alone or with your friends, during your stay in KoHoLa ​​surf house, you will get to know interesting people from different countries and quickly become part of one big surf family.
  6. There is a possibility to get to know the best tourist sights in the area , from local towns to natural beauties.
  7. You can chill in the surf house by the pool or play billiards, join us for a BBQ and cocktail party, or check nightlife and find an unforgettable party at the local beach bars and clubs.
  8. Surf school is an ideal combination of sport and travel where you will experience a new form of quality holidays.
  9. It is possible that you’ll be so attracted to surfing, so you’ll become one of our regular surfers with a new priority to spend as many days on the ocean to catch more waves.
  10. Anyway, when you catch your first wave, you’ll know why to choose surfing! 😉


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