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Cheap flights to surf camps

When you make a decision to book your surf trip, first what you will probably want to do is find the cheapest flight tickets. Here are few suggestions from our experience of traveling to Fuerteventura and Portugal.

There are numerous flight options to Fuerteventura with low cost airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet. Tickets from Europe usually cost around 100-250 €, depending on time of your purchase. Solid number of major European cities like London, Liverpool, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Milan and others are directly connected with the island. Also there is a lot of options for indirect flights from other cities. It is same situation with Portugal – huge number of flights and options.

So, if you get lost in all that options, one really useful website for this occasion is Skyscanner, a leading flight search engine which allows users to browse for flights by prices and locations.

And few more tips about luggage and surf board: on low cost flights you can bring hand luggage free of charge and each checked bag with up to 20kg of weight will be charged additional €30-60, depending on the airline. If you already have your surfing equipment and you want to carry it with you, consider the option to rent it on the destination if you are staying for a week or two, since charges for surf bags have reached a prices of €100, and they are checking weight more strict than before, so you can’t bring 5 surfboards in one board bag anymore. Renting the equipment is sometimes cheaper option, and besides that, you don’t need to bother with so much luggage or to think if your surfboard will arrive in one piece.

If you need a help with buying tickets or finding flights from your region, just send us email to and we will help you to find the best options.


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