Early bird discount for autumn surf camps

Surfing fuerteventura, Canary islands

Just like in the last couple of seasons, this fall we are preparing surf camps at two locations: Canary islands (Fuerteventura) and Portugal (Peniche). If you decide to join us on a surf camp and afford yourself this unforgettable experience, it is best to book your spot early. Nevertheless if you are coming for the first time or you have already been surfing with us, all of those who book their surf week during our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (until 1st of July 2016.) will get 10% discount on the price of the surf arrangement. Beside the discount, because of earlier booking you will usually find cheaper flight tickets, and you can also select dates which suit you best, because at that time we usually still have available places in the surf house during all weeks. On Fuerteventura we have prepared surf camp in duration of 10 weeks, and in Portugal we have 4 weeks:

SURF CAMP FUERTEVENTURA – CANARY ISLANDS (1st of Oct – 17th of Dec 2016.)

The easiest way to find cheap flights to Fuerteventura is to use some of the flight search websites. We suggest you Momondo because it has one of the most intuitive and comprehensive search engines. To get idea which direct flights could be useful for you, check Fuerteventura airport Wikipedia page and there you’ll find updated list of all possible flights (cca 70 different companies fly to the island).

SURF CAMP PORTUGAL – PENICHE (1st of Oct – 29th of Oct 2016.)

Our camp is situated just one hour of drive to the north from Lisbon airport. Similar like for Fuerteventura, you can check Lisbon airport Wikipedia page to get idea which flight could be useful and also search for a flights on Momondo flight search website.

Complete informations about surf camps can be found on the links above. In any case, it does not matter if you plan to come surfing alone, in a couple or with your friends, because you’re always going to be able to meet interesting new people from the surf house. If you’ve already surfed with us and you’ve got some friend who might be interested into surfing, invite him/her with you and you will get an additional discount in amount of 10% for each person which comes surfing with you (and which has not already been on Kohola surf camps before).

For any help or advice in finding tickets please contact our mail koholasurfklub@gmail.com or the contact form. Also, feel free to call us if you need any further information about the surf camp or times, and its place in the surf camp you can book by filling out the registration form here. See you this fall on the waves!

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