Usual day at KoHoLa surf camp


A lot of you who still haven’t been surfing with us asked how does exactly an usual day in the surf camp look. In this post we will try to explain more in details how we spend time at the surf house and on the beaches of Fuerteventura or Portugal, so you’ll have better picture of how will it look when you decide to join us for the first time.


You will begin your day with a tasty breakfast that will give you enough energy for all that hours which you’ll spend in the ocean. When you wake up, breakfast will already wait for you on the table between 8 and 9.30AM. Every morning we prepare buffet-style breakfast, so on the table you will find ham, cheese, eggs, jams, butter, various types of cereal, milk, juice, tea and coffee. Those who are normally used to wake up earlier in the morning sometimes exercise, stretch or do morning yoga, while others wake up and go directly to the breakfast, after which everybody gets ready for the beach. Once you refilled calories and caffeine for a long day on the beach, it’s time for the best part of the day – surfing.


While you are having breakfast, your instructors are already checking current conditions and forecasts, as well as preparing all equipment needed for the beach. Depending on the tides, wind, direction and size of the swell, they decide on which spot are you going to surf each day. At 10AM instructor arrives in the van and picks you up for the beach. Depending on where are the best conditions on the particular day, you will need 5 to 20 minutes of driving to the beach. After warm up, you are grabbing your boards and starting with the surf lessons. Your surf instructor will  explain you step by step what you should do and how to take care of the safety. On Fuerteventura conditions for surfing are changing more frequently and we usually surf on several beaches on different sides of the island. In Portugal there is a nice bay near the surf house between Peniche and Baleal, which in most cases has ideal conditions for the beginners and we usually have surfing lessons within or near that bay.


Usually on the beaches of Fuerteventura there are no cafes or restaurants so for that reason we are surfing in one longer session and coming back home around 3PM. In Portugal we usually split surf lessons into two sessions, so in the meantime you can rest in one of the nearby bars, drink something or eat a burger, salad or daily menu. After second session we return back to the surf house between 4 and 5PM.


Afternoon is the perfect time of the day for siesta. After hard day of surfing, one of the best options is to take a rest in the shade somewhere on the terrace or to refresh in the pool. A couple of days during the week we organise trips to the nicest attractions in the surroundings: on Fuerteventura we usually walk to the nearby volcano before the sunset and make one longer trip around the entire northern half of the island while stopping in the most interesting places, enjoying the scenery from the nicest viewpoints in the mountains, volcanic beaches with black sand or a lighthouse from which you will enjoy beautiful sights of Atlantic.


In Portugal we go for a trip to the old medieval town of Obidos where we take a walk around its walls which completely surround the town, wander through shops with a variety of handicrafts and souvenirs, and taste local cherry brandy drink called Ginja. Another trip in Portugal is to the surf board factory where you can learn all about the surf boards and the process how they are made. After visiting factory we tour the entire peninsula of Peniche and enjoy the view from the most interesting cliffs near lighthouse of Cabo Carvoeiro and then drive through Peniche back to the surf house.


When we are not going on the trips during the afternoons, the most persistent surfers are sometimes dealing with a variety of extra activities, from windsurfing, kite surfing, stand up paddling and diving, to golfing, cycling or driving quads, while others just walk to the nearest beach for sunbathing or to drink a cocktail while enjoying the sunset.


Around 7.30PM it is time for the dinner which is prepared by our chef. Dishes on the menu vary and there are always some new specialties. All the meals have in common that all the portions are abundant to satisfy the appetites of hungry surfers. With the glass of a local wine after dinner you can call it a good day.


It is easy later to spend a night socialising with the rest of the guests in the house and enjoy the atmosphere with some cocktail or beer. During one of the evenings we also have a video analysis and surf theory when instructor reviews and comments the footage from surf school on TV and everyone finds out what are they doing correctly and what still needs to be improved. Evenings are spontaneous and diverse, so there are BBQs, movie nights when we watch surf movies, dinners in restaurants, as well as partying in the town.


On the evenings when we are going out, we usually go the to the town or beach bars around the midnight where some stay to the early morning hours, while others prefer to rest and be ready for new ventures on the waves. It could be said that the atmosphere in the surf house is created by all the guests which are participating each week in the camp. They are becoming part of a small surf family and returning home with unforgettable memories and dreaming waves for a long time since their return back home.

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