Surf&Yoga camp Fuerteventura


March 18th – Apr 15th | Nov. 11th – Dec. 9th 2023.

Plenty of sunshine, a mild climate, endless sandy beaches, impressive dunes, and a volcanic landscape make Fuerteventura one of the best destinations for rest and relaxation. This island does not only have ideal conditions for water sports, but also for yoga lovers throughout the year. Fuerteventura was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and its long pristine coastline is always a positive surprise for visitors. With this Surf&Yoga package on Fuerteventura, you’ll learn to harmonize your inner rhythm with the mighty ocean and the energy of the volcano.

Yoga as a part of ancient Indian Vedic culture connects different traditions, but although the word has many meanings, it is most often described as a physical exercise to improve health, vitality, and flexibility. It is known that yoga increases concentration, as it links movement to breathing. Its special way of breathing helps the body to tolerate CO2 which is released during exercise and because of which we feel fatigue in the body.

Practicing yoga fits perfectly with surfing, so due to the positive response and interest from the past yoga weeks we decided to introduce Surf&Yoga program as a permanent option in our surf camp on Fuerteventura. You can practice yoga in all Surf & Yoga weeks, whether you decide to book your yoga classes in advance when booking your surf camp or you decide to join the rest of the yoga students just during some certain classes.


What is the idea of Surf&Yoga Camp?

During Surf&Yoga weeks we will combine yoga with a surf school in order to facilitate your first steps on the waves and enable better progress. You’ll spend the morning surfing and the afternoon practicing yoga.  Yoga builds physical strength, which you need when surfing, and firming your core, and helps you to improve your balance on the board. It also increases energy levels, contributes to the stability of the lower spine, and relieves tension that forms in the body.


For whom is Surf&Yoga Camp?

For all people interested in yoga or who already practice it, and for all of those who are interested in raising their level of surfing, adjusting breathing technique, balance, and serenity that you acquire through engaging in yoga.

While yoga practice usually attracts more women in the Western world, it was originally introduced by the Indian yogis, and its positive effects are good for all surfers, regardless of their age and gender. All of those who understand how yoga can positively affect their surfing will easier reach new levels of pleasure on the waves.


What type of yoga will you practice?

Hatha Flow Yoga is a slower form of yoga that contributes to the balance of body and mind, while maintaining the pose and focusing on different parts of the body. All movements are synchronized with the breathing and the transition from one pose to another is always performed with the breath or sigh.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic, creative, and challenging type of yoga. All movements are associated with breathing and they always begin with a warm-up to prepare your body for more intense stretching toward the end of the session.

All yoga sessions include pranayama (breathing techniques) and final relaxation (Savasana) at the end of the class. Hours are held outdoors on the terrace of the surf house or on the beach.


  • 7 nights of accommodation in the surf house
  • 6 days of surf school held on English language (beginners, intermediate or advanced courses)
  • there are three options for yoga practice: 5, 3, or 1 session
  • transfer to the surf spots with a surf van
  • complete equipment included (surfboard, wetsuit, leash, booties if needed)
  • free Wi-Fi in the surf house


There are numerous flight options to Fuerteventura with low-cost airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet. Tickets mostly cost around 100-250€ for return flights from Europe, depending on the time of your purchase. A solid number of major European cities like London, Liverpool, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, Milan, and others are directly connected with the island. You can find the best flight options on Momondo flight search website. If you need help with buying tickets or finding flights from your region, just send us an email at and we will be glad to help you and find the best option for you.


We have 8 recommended weeks in 2023., from the 18th of March until the 15th of April and from the 11th of November until the 9th of December. Arrivals and departures are on Saturdays and it is possible to choose between a stay of 7 or 14 nights.


All packages include 7 nights in the surf house and 6 days of surf school with all the necessary surf equipment, and they differ in the number of yoga sessions (you can choose between five, three, or one yoga session). The price for Surf&Yoga Camp with five yoga sessions included is 555€, with three yoga sessions 531€, and with one session 507€. If you have any special wishes with a different number of days in school or nights in the surf house, just send us an inquiry for price calculation at We would recommend you to stay longer than one week in the camp for better improvement of your surfing skills.


  • transfer to/from the airport on Fuerteventura – 15€/person/way for 2 or more persons, 25€ per way for one person
  • breakfast – 5€/day
  • volcano trip – 15€ (minimum of 3 persons)
  • half day trip around the northern part of the island – 30€ (minimum of 3 persons)




For all further questions, please contact us at this link or:


Mobile: +385 95 8152 913 (Mislav) or +385 91 5242 874 (Lea)


To book your stay at KoHoLa surf camp please fill out this booking form.

Once when your booking is completed, we will contact you with further instructions about the downpayment and purchase of flight tickets. When booking, please write down email that you use the most often because most communications will take place by email. In the case of filling up all capacities, the person who sent the downpayment first has a priority. Please don`t forget to read the General Terms & Conditions and specify whether you agree in your application.


The deadline for a downpayment for all weeks is 14 days before the beginning of your week. Until that date, you need to pay a deposit in the amount of 150€.

For a complete FAQ, follow this link. You can find more photos of surf house and photos from the last surf camps in galleries on our Facebook page!


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