Early Bird discount for spring surf camps 2017.


It is time to announce dates for spring surf camps, which we prepared in the following season on both of our already common locations in Portugal (Peniche) and on Canary Islands (Fuerteventura). If you decide to join us for this unforgettable experience on the ocean and learn to surf with us, it is best to apply between the first surfers because all of those who book their place during our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (valid until 25.12.2016. for Fuerteventura and 20.02.2017. for Portugal), will get a 10% discount on the normal price of surf packages. In addition to the discount for early birds, they will usually find cheaper plane tickets and they will also be able to choose between any desired week, because at that time we usually still in all weeks have available places in our surf camps. We have prepared spring surf camp with 10 available weeks on Fuerteventura, and with 6 weeks in Portugal:

SURF CAMP FUERTEVENTURA: (March 4th – May 13th 2017.)

There are numerous cheap flight options from all major European cities to Fuerteventura, and flight time in most cases lasts for 3-4 hours, so it is perfect destination for your quick getaway. Sometimes you can fly cheaper to Lanzarote and then catch a bus to Playa Blanca and ferry to Corralejo where our surf house is situated, so you can also check that option.

Cheap flight tickets for MARCH weeks to FUERTEVENTURA from:

GERMANY: Berlin from 81€, Dusseldorf from 95€, Munich from 98€, Hamburg from 175€;

AUSTRIA: Vienna from 143€;

SWITZERLAND: Basel from 82€, Geneva from 205€, Zurich from 214€;

UK: Edinburgh from 68€, London from 81€, Birmingham from 110€ , Liverpool from 113€;

ITALY: Pisa from 115€, Milan from 136€, Rome from 163€;

FRANCE: Paris from 185€, Bordeaux from 225€;

NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam from 215€;

BELGIUM: Brussels from 203€;

POLAND: Warsaw from 169€;

NORWAY: Oslo from 169€;

SWEDEN: Stockholm from 240€;

Find these and many more options on Momondo.


SURF CAMP PORTUGAL: (May 20th – July 1st, 2017.)

You can also find various flight options to Portugal, with majority of the companies flying to Lisbon from which our surf camp in Peniche is situated just one hour of driving to the north.

Cheap flight tickets for JUNE weeks to PORTUGAL (LISBON) from:

GERMANY: Hamburg from 72€,  Frankfurt from 82€, Berlin from 94€, Bremen from 104€;

SWITZERLAND: Geneva from 83€;

UK: Manchester from 63€, London from 74€, Liverpool from 126€, Bristol from 127€;

ITALY: Rome from 70€, Naples from 81€, Milan from 82€, Pisa from 94€;

FRANCE: Toulouse from 50€, Paris from 79€, Marseille from 85€;

BELGIUM: Brussels from 54€;

POLAND: Warsaw from 145€;

CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague from 170€;

NORWAY: Oslo from 130€, Bergen from 280€;

Find these and many more options on Momondo.

*All stated prices are for RETURN flights. Prices are updated on 25th of January.


Complete information about surf camps can be found on the links above. In any case, it does not matter whether you plan to come and surf alone or with someone because in any case you’re going to meet new interesting people in the surf house. If you have already been surfing with us and you are coming back with a new friend, you will get an additional 10% of discount for each person which comes to surf school (which wasn’t already on Kohola surf camps before).

Of course, in addition to the aforementioned flights there are alternative options which you can search on Momondo flight search. For any help or advice in finding tickets please contact us on our email info@koholasurf.com or through contact form. Also, feel free to call us if you need any further information about the surf camp, number of available places in the surf house. You can book your surf trip by filling out the booking form here.

Are you thinking about joining us? Take a trip to the destination of your dreams, catch some waves, meet the local culture and natural beauties, along the way meet new friends and have fun with the rest of the surfers in the camp!

What do our previous surfers have to say about Kohola surf camps? Read the reviews on this link.

You will find photo galleries from autumn surf camps on our Facebook page, and videos on Youtube channel.

See you this spring on the waves! 😉

Kohola surf Fuerteventura 2013. from Rene Gallo on Vimeo.

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