Autumn surf camps Portugal and Fuerteventura 2017.


The summer is finally here and now is the best time to plan how to make it even longer and warmer this year than usual. Join us in our surf camps in Portugal or on Fuerteventura and spend the autumn on the sunny beach while catching epic waves, meet new friends and enjoy breathtaking moments at the ocean. In order to make your decision easier when choosing your desired week, in this post you will find all needed informations about the number of available spots in the surf houses as well as details about flight options.

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SURF CAMP PORTUGAL (16th of Sept. – 28th of Oct.)

16th – 23rd of Sept. – 5 available spots

23rd-30th of Sept. – 6 available spots

30th of Sept. – 7th of Oct. – only 2 available spots

7th-14th of Oct. – 6 available spots

14th-21st of Oct.– only 2 available spots *RIP CURL PRO WEEK*

21st – 28th of Oct. – 5 available spots *RIP CURL PRO WEEK*


SURF CAMP FUERTEVENTURA (30th of Sept. – 16th of Dec.)

30th of Sept. – 7th of Oct. – FULLY BOOKED

7th-14th of Oct. – only 1 available spot

14th-21st of Oct.– FULLY BOOKED

21st – 28th of Oct. – only 2 available spots

28th of Oct. – 4th of Nov. – FULLY BOOKED

4th – 11th of Nov. – FULLY BOOKED

11th – 18th of Nov. – 5 available spots

18st – 25th of Nov. – FULLY BOOKED

25th of Nov. – 2nd of Dec. – FULLY BOOKED

2nd – 9th of Dec. – 2 available spots

9th – 16th of Dec. – only 3 available spots

*All available spots in the surf houses are updated on 25th of September 2017.

Complete informations and prices for autumn surf camps can be found at the links above. During this autumn we have prepared 6 weeks in the period from 16th of September until 28th of October 2017. in Portugal. For all of you who want to better improve your surfing skills and afford yourself more time to relax on the sunny beaches around Peniche, instead of a basic package for 7 nights (420€) we recommend you options like 10 nights surf package (600€) or 14 days package (840€). On Fuerteventura we have prepared 11 weeks in the period from 30th of September to 16th of December 2017, and the price of the basic surf arrangement for 7 nights with six days of surf school is also 420€. For those who want to stay longer the price for 10 nights stay is 600€ and for 14 nights stay 840€. It doesn’t matter whether you are coming alone, in couples or with group of friends, during time spent in the surf camp you’ll always be able to meet new and interesting people from various countries.

The easiest way to find a great deals for cheap flights is to use some of the flight search engines. We can suggest you Momondo from our experience because it has one of the most intuitive and comprehensive search engines. To get idea which direct flights could be useful for you, first check Fuerteventura airport Wikipedia page and there you’ll find updated list of all possible flights (cca 70 different companies fly to the island).

If you want us to help you with the best current flight options contact us on our email or contact form to find you the best tickets for your desired dates. Also feel free to contact us if you need any further information about the surf camp or availability. If you decide to join us, you can reserve your place in the surf camp by filling out registration form here.

See you this autumn on the waves!

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